NOTE:  These backgrounds can be used for a number of subjects besides cars.  Wedding shots, pets, couples, etc. The 3D WOW cannot be shown on a standard computer monitor.  The animation below is the best that can be done.  This 3D animation is created from the 12 photos that it takes to make the 3D ready for printing.  Also there is no glasses needed to view these 3D photos in your Cell Phone Case.  
Animation of Bodie Ghost Town Background. Created from the 12 frames (photos) that make the finished 3D.
Number 1. La Jolla Cliffs
Number 2 Alabama Ranch
Number 3 Big Bear Lake
Number 4 Golden Gate Bridge
Number 5 The Lawn
Number 6 Graveyard Bodie Ghost Town
Number 7 The Lake
Number 8 Las Vegas Sign
Number 9 Minnesota Farm
Number 10 October Woods
Number 11 Capistrano Swallows
Number 12 Strawberry Falls
Example of using these backgrounds for other Events.
Number 13 Laguana Beach
Number 14 Bodie Ghost Town
Number 15 Grass Garden
Have a great idea and want to know if it can be done? Contact me and let’s find out.
Cool - 3D Backgrounds For Cars And People