These Unique One Of A Kind 3D Prints Are Created By Hand
One At A Time by 3D Motion Artist-LaDair

Many people have asked me about the process of creating these prints for you.  
Here are the steps that bring these beautiful one-of-a-kind 3D prints to life.

1.   First 10 individual shots have to be taken of the subject with each shot at a slightly different postition

2.   After shooting on average 300 shots per subject, 10 are selected and editing and enhancing begin.

3.   After the editing these 10 shots each have to be lined up on a pivot point somewhere in the picture.

4.   After all the pictures are on the same exact pivot point they are then cropped to the finished print size

5.   Each picture is then saved again as their own seperate file.

6.   Next they are brought into specialized Interlacing software that takes the ten pictures and creates one.

7.   The next step is to determine the Lenticular Lens that is going to be used to bring the picture to 3D.

8.   The lenses have different lines per inch and each tiny little lens has a unique pitch which is factored in.

9.   The picture is printed at a high dpi.  It looks strange at this point.  Blurry with lines running through it.

10. The picture is hand attached to the lens with very exact registration.  If the registration is off.  It's trashed.

11. The lens and picture are then cold laminated to bring the two together.

12. The finished lens is then trimmed with routers, framed and ready to be enjoyed.

 These prints are printed with pigmented inks that are UV resistent, with an estimated life of over 100 years

A Lot Of Steps For A Lot Of Beauty

If it says, "LaDair" on the print you know it's original    



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