These 3D Art Prints Are A work Of Art For Your Work Of Art.


Yes, you can take the picture.  Assuming you can take a good, clear, properly balanced, picture, at the right angle(s) that make it look natural in the backgrounds.  Then you can email it to me and I can get to work.  

BEST ANGLES: The best angles are taken where you face the point of one of the car front fenders or headlights.  These work in most all of the backgrounds.  But it is also good to take a side profile also.  Not flush and straight, with a little angle but showing a lot of side.  These work well when you are putting them in backgrounds such as the gas station.

Here are also some pointers and options to think about.

1.  Hood up.  Can really look cool in the Gas Station.  Looks as if you are checking under the hood.  But don't just do hood up and decide that's is all you want.  Do it up and down.

2.  Try and shoot in the shade but not if you get sunspots on the car.  They are hard to get out and sometimes looke discolored. A cloudy day is the best day, a bright sunshiny day is not the best for seeing the true colors of your car and you get a lot of blowout.

3.  Try and keep as much extra junk out of the background as possible.  Even though the car is totally cutout from it's background, many times background items are either reflected in the car or they will add color to your paintjob that you do not want.  Try to keep your own reflection of shooting the car out also.

4.  Make sure there is plenty of space.  Don't get in so close you crop of a piece of the front or back fender.  We want the entire tire in the shot not cropped.  Let me do the cropping just get the entire car.

Check them before you send them.  If they are not usable I will not make the print.  It's got to be good enough for me to hang on my wall before I send it to you finished.




Most Common Angle.

Take standing shots and shots that are also at the car level.






   Example Of A Side Angle That Can Also Be Used.



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