Winner of the 8x10 3D Photo at the AutoRama Car Show Drawing was......

Pat Walsh

Thanks to everyone that entered the drawing.  We have a special offer for those who took the time to stop by our booth, talk with us and took the time to participate in our drawing.  Since this offer is only for those who participated in the drawing we will email you the info privately.  Thanks again.

If you were at the GNRS show or the AutoRama show
and want to go directly to prices and sizes. . . .


Click Here to see your choices of 3D backgrounds.

Custom Made 3D Art Prints Of Your Classic Car, Hot Rod, Roadster,
Chopper, Motorcycle. . . . .your Pride And Joy

These are not your off the shelf pictures.  Click Here to see one of the ways a 3D Art Print is created by what they call a "rail" process.  The other process is a different process that is all done by hand and special software.  That process uses most of the same procedures except, everything including the backgrounds are created by hand.  

A lot of planning and editing skills are needed to create the backgrounds so they will be great 3D prints when it's done.  After the background is created then your Custom Car, Hot Rod, etc. is added and shaded and
10 frames (pictures) are created from the entire image.  

These 10 frames (pictures) make up the final frame which are basically mathematical pieces of those 10 frames.  After all of that the 3D image is created when a special lens is precisely attached to the final output picture.  And I mean precisely.  This part of the process is called "registration" and if your registration is off you lose the CD effect and  then it's called "Trash."

This lens brings back the pieces of the 10 frames (pictures) and creates the final 3D print.

These 3D Art Prints Are A work Of Art For Your Work Of Art.

If you read the home page of the 3D section  you will have read how hard it is to convey 3D on the Internet  which is a 2D medium.

Here is an example of the Minnesota Farm Art Print with a Custom Hot Rod.

The depth you see in the animation is the depth you see in the finished print (of course it doesn't more back and forth like that.)  The difference you can't see is the beautiful silky quality of the Art Print.

Many of you who are reading this have seen me in person at shows.  You know exactly what the 3D Print looks like.  

All you have to do now is to choose the background you want your Custom Vehicle in.  Then I create a signed Custom 3D Art Print of Your Pride and Joy.

Keep in mind I don't have to take the picture myself.  Assuming you can take a good, clear, properly balanced, picture, at the right angle that makes it work in the backgrounds then email it to me.  If you have any questions about the angles of the shots. Click Here
Email  with any questions, or call (909) 732-9759 and we'll get you set up.

Click Here for pricing on different packages and for complete ordering information.  
Click Here
to see your choices of 3D backgrounds.
Click Here if you want to take your own pictures.



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