Yep, that's my real name. Creativity has always run deep in our family.

I've always been involved in the arts in one way or another.  My career started out when I was 7 years old.  By the age of 10 I was already playing in nightclubs in a family band with my brother and Dad, every weekend.

I started really getting into Photography when as a band we went on the road in 1966 traveling all across the country. So many places to see and so much time on my hands.  The road also led me into a musical side field.  Producing Jingles ( the singing commercials.)  Between Photography and the Jingles I kept my days filled up and my nights were on stage entertaining.

These times were worth there weight in education. It became a learning curve that covered all branches of multimedia. The Music and Photography led to Video production and Interactive CD's.  Which led to producing my own line of Educational and Training materials in the Jingle and Photography fields.

I teach Photographers how to create exceptional quality photo imaging.  I teach musicians how to get into the Jingle business. The enjoyment of creating new techniques and then teaching others the techniques is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things of all.

The excitement of creating an Art Print that has a special connection or meaning which did not exist before the instant the shutter clicks, is magical.  It's like Christmas every time you first take a look at your work as it comes out of the camera for the first time.  

The Photographer many times sees what others do not.  The lighting, the patterns, the micro beauty, the majestic beauty and the shot that got away.  But when you get the one you want, or even better when you get the one you didn't expect that's when you know all it's all worth it.  Click HERE to see some of my 3D Art Prints



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