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The Hardest Explantion I Have To Share With You Is
How Stunning A 3D Art Print Looks.

Why?  Because I can't show you what it really looks like on the Internet.  Because the Internet is a 2D creature and I'm telling you about 3D prints.  It creates quite the challenge.  But what I can do is show you the 10 frames (pictures) that make up the CD put in an animation program that rocks back and forth so you can at least see the depth involved in the print.

Of course the actual print doesn't sway back and forth and I can't convey the silky look that the Lenticuler Lens adds to the print which in itself is frustrating.  The best solution I could come up with for those who would like to purchase a 3D Art Print is the following.

Here are the 2D images of the 3D Art Prints. Scattered throughout are some animations of the frames which make up the print as I explained above.  But to truly appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the 3D Print you have to see it in person.  To do you can order a small 4x6 of the 3D Art Print you are interested in.  Maybe that's just the size you want anyway but if you order a larger size of that same print within 30 days of receiving the 4x6 the cost of the print will be deducted from your final purchase price of any larger sized print.

That way, you can see for yourself the mesmerizing qualities that just can't be duplicated or shown on the Internet.

Here is an example of an animation of 10 frames of a Heron who was totally still while he was fishing and could care less that I was taking the shots necessary to create this 3D print.



So there you go.  Look around and if you see something you like contact me by email or phone.  Since these are very limited, and each of them are handmade there is no off the shelf shopping cart to order.  Except for the small 4x6 sizes that you can order to see the quality of the 3D Art Print you are interested in.  Those are also all hand created but because of their size you can click on the PayPal button and order one right away.  By the way, all prints include frames even the 4x6 size.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.  





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